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Wellinks members across the country are redefining what it means to live well with COPD, on their own terms. Hear their stories below.
I'm not so worried about my purpose anymore.
Wellinks has helped me understand how to live well with COPD. It’s reassuring to know that friendly support is there whenever I need it.
This is the best I've felt in a long time.
My old body is beginning to feel rejuvenated. I never imagined this would happen. Many many blessings for the support Wellinks gives!
I finally feel like I'm accomplishing something.
From when we first started talking, I feel 100% better. I am more confident in going out and making plans. I am exercising regularly now.
Wellinks moved me forward in my knowledge of COPD and is helping me both mentally and physically
You provided motivation for me to keep on track with the old and try new things to keep me going, always taking into consideration my ongoing health issues
I have a lot more freedom now. I am breathing much better. I have not needed my emergency inhaler and I don't gasp for air.
I have learned that anything I do helps. I used to think 'I am too far gone, and it's not going to help'. That is the big thing I have gotten out of Wellinks. I no longer think 'It's not worth it.'
Being able to see some physical improvements is really making a difference for me. When I can see my numbers improving in my symptom report, I know it's happening
I can do more than I thought I could. I surprised myself

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Member Stories


Wellinks brought me new ways of healing. At first I attended webinars twice weekly and spoke with a respiratory therapist often. During those initial months I focused on practicalities like pursed lip breathing and diaphragmatic breathing. Learning when to use which technique. So much to understand and integrate into the seconds, hours, and days.

Over the months as I built upon this foundation of respiratory therapy from Wellinks, a most amazing process took place. I began feeling as strong and healthy as I did at forty. Honestly I feel wonderful. The fatalistic misery lifted a bit at a time until I usually feel my lips, cheeks, and eyes in an easy relaxed smile.

Wellinks' lessons in pursed lip breathing was a mindfulness practice with breathing benefits. For the first time ever I am absolutely invested in living!!

Dearest Wellinks Respiratory Therapists, my body and soul are deeply grateful for your patience and perseverance. My old age living is lovely, still filled with beautiful surprises. Now I must fill bird feeders for our local chirping choirs. Then hay our horses. Today is Nellie's grooming day. I'll play fetch with our long-legged hounds as I walk fast around the ranch.

Many Blessings!


In onboarding sessions with my Clinical Coach, we established goals and action steps, along with COPD Resources to read. During each session, we would discuss my accomplishments and what I had challenges with. My coach got me back to walking 5 miles per day which turned into Pulmonary Therapy four times per week in addition to my walking therapy. I return to our follow-up notes my coach sent me after each session to refresh my memory.

Additionally, I continue to use the Wellinks app 3-4 times per week using the Pulse Oximeter & Spirometer. Going through this Coaching is the second-best thing I have done, quitting smoking being the first, to keep my lungs healthy.

Thank you, Wellinks for allowing me to be part of your program.

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