About Wellinks

Committed to the development of digital care for COPD and other respiratory diseases.

At Wellinks, we focus on empowering people living with chronic respiratory disease to breathe freely. Our team works tirelessly to innovate and develop digital health solutions and medical devices aimed at reinventing respiratory care around the people who need it most.

Learn more about Flyp at www.flypnebulizer.com.

Headquartered in New Haven, Connecticut.

Geoff Matous


Ralph Finger

Founder/Chief Medical Officer

Alex Waldron

Chief Executive Officer

Ellen Su

Chief Product Officer

Tom Bonaventura

Director of Marketing

Ryan McMillian

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Wojculewicz

Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Darrell Harris

Head of Customer Care

Ashvin Pradhan-Shenoy

Software Engineer

Jenna Bulmahn

Sales Development Manager

Jacob Rodier

Creative Marketing Associate