It is Time for a Revolution in COPD Care.

At-your-fingers access to medication support, vital signs, symptom tracking and more. Stay connected with your care team where ever life takes you.

Connected Devices

Capture important health measures using our connected Flyp Nebulizer, Spirometer and Pulse Oximeter.

Treatment Tracking

Optimize medication adherence with our user friendly app.

Real-Time Reporting

Sync treatments, symptoms and vitals with your care team.

Personalized Insights

Each COPD journey is unique. Use your real-time data to learn what works for you.

Health Coaching

Tips, education and support to help you Breath Freely.

Privacy and Security

There is no need to worry, your information is safe and secure. Wellinks is HIPAA complaint.

Patient Testimonial

"I am enthusiastic about the app. It wasn’t something I thought
I could use when I first heard of it, now I think it’s something I NEED!"

-Vickie N.