about wellinks

Mission and Vision Statement

At Wellinks, we are the COPD disease management company committed to empowering people to live fully and breathe freely by improving outcomes for those we serve. We see a future where COPD care is designed and delivered around the individual and supported by a team striving to help them live a healthier, more fulfilling life.


We are principled.
Always ethical and trustworthy. We say what we do, and we do what we say.


We are effective.
We are results-oriented.  We measure what matters and are outcomes driven.


We are authentic.
We are human. We celebrate diversity, inclusion and seek the perspective of others.


We are collaborative.
We are team players. We work together, empower people, and celebrate relationships.


We are innovative.
We take courageous action in our pursuit to improve lives.


Executive team
CEO Portrait of Stacie Bratcher - Wellinks Images

Stacie Bratcher

Chief Executive Officer

Geoff Matous - President

Geoff Matous

President and Chief Commercial Officer

Ellen Su - Chief Product Officer

Ellen Su

Chief Product Officer

Abi Sundaramoorthy MD

Chief Medical Officer

Headshot of Gregory - Wellinks Images

Gregory Jackson

Head of Engineering

board of directors
Kevin Rakin - Chair of the Board

Kevin Rakin


Henry Weinstein - Director

Henry Weinstein


Steven Bruso


Headshot  - Wellinks Images

Doug Wenners


Wellinks has years of experience building comprehensive COPD Management.

FDA Clearance and Launch of Flyp Nebulizer
Manufacturing at scale. CVS Health HUBs
$1M Device Revenue>20.000 COPD Customers
1st Integrated Virutal COPD Solutions
1st Clinical Study Complete & First IDN Partnership
Full Stack COPD Management
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