Wellinks is looking for full time software developers and team leads

Join our fast-moving team and help us make our software more user-friendly and scalable. Since we are a startup, you’ll also the opportunity to learn and contribute to a wide range of activities, from patient/doctor interviews to discussions with our strategic partners! As our first full-time software developer, you will have a large impact on the software architecture and development of Wellinks. Developers will be working alongside the co-founders of the company to improve the existing versions of the mobile and/or web application and can have ownership of the front end and/or backend components of our system.

We are looking for experienced developers who will be able to lead and manage a development team. We offer a competitive, negotiable salary and equity options as well.

If you're interested in getting involved in healthcare or wearable and mobile health, take a look at our open positions:



We need a developer to help us further develop our mobile app. 

Our app will pair with a device and sync data between the device and the web-based database. 

We are looking for both iOS and Android developers, experience in Objective C or Swift is a plus. 

Opportunity to learn about Bluetooth pairing and management.

Web (frontend)

Help us design and implement a patient and doctor-friendly interface for tracking treatment. 

The website will be used by patients, caretakers, and physicians to track and improve treatment. We will be adding gamification and incentive features as well. 

Interest in data visualization and UX is a plus. Must have experience in Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, and Javascript.

Web (Backend)

If you are an expert in software architecture and database management, we need you!

We are looking for someone to help us upgrade and design our system architecture for scaling and future features. Must be willing to learn and implement HIPAA compliant practices

Interested? Send us an email!